IG Passive House Bulgaria Membership Invitation

IG Passive House Bulgaria Membership Invitation

With an own resolution dated 29 July 2009 the Municipal Court of Sofia inscribed in the NGO registry the organization Information Group Passive House Bulgaria.

The foundation of this organization is a result of the pressing need of a model for high-grade energy-efficient building construction and renovation in order to give higher value of the end building product and new perspective for the construction industry.

The mission og the organization is to create the preconditions for a large-scale passive standard construction in Bulgaria.

The main goals are reaching propagation and appreciation of the Passive Building advantages through spreading professional information, emphasizing on their energy-efficiency, comfort of occupancy, contribution to the environment protection and the financial benefits to the owners.

A memeber of the organization can be every person or legal entity that is sharing the same goals of the organization and the means of their achievement, that is observing the organization regulations and is paying regularly the membership fees.The membership fees till the end of the year are 600 BGN for legal entities and 60 BGN for personal membership. 

Herewith on behalf of IG Passive House Bulgaria and in my own person as a chairman of the organization I would like to invite you to join us as a full member of the organization.

A Second National Conference, distribution of an own specialized informational brochure and a web-site reconstruction (www.passive.bg) are impending this year. 

For more information please write to info@passive.bg

arch. Georgi Nikolov

IG Passive House Bulgaria Membership Invitation