What does the passive house services contain?

The passive house standard can’t be achieved without a controlled mechanical ventilation system of the premises. It is important because when you open the windows for fresh air during the cold winter or hot summer, huge losses of energy are measured. That is the reason why during these seasons The ventilation system supplies fresh air to all rooms and takes the exhaust air from the service premises.

It is important that the air discharged out of the building transfers energy to the incoming fresh air through a heat exchanger with efficiency of over 80%. This ensures constant fresh and clean indoor air.

Heat exchanger of controlled ventilation system, Plus-energy house in Kladnica

Technical equipment of photovoltaic system, Passive House in Lozen

Pellet burner, Passive house in Lozen

Underfloor heating, Plus-energy house in Kladnica

Buffer storage tank and boiler in a technical room,  House “Ekaterina”

Air-exchange ducts of a  ventilation system, Single family Passive house Michelfelder, Munich

Ground heat exchanger, Passive house Waterhouse, Blagoevgrad

Solar system for hot water and heating the pool, Studio APXE