Design and Overall Implementation of Timber Construction

Timber load-bearing structure, Single-family House Michelfelder, Munich

Design and overall implementation of timber construction

Timber structure means precision, ecology, high quality and low price. These qualities are guaranteed provided that wooden structures are professionally designed and executed with impeccable quality.

With the successful completion over the recent years of series of projects with significantly higher requirements to the timber structure, we have gained knowledge and experience that few of our competitors can provide in this area. Construction with solid and engineered wood products require good knowledge of the global achievements and practices, design thoroughness and precision and last but not least quality implementation. We can provide these important prerequisites to join them in delivering complete engineering in modern timber architecture:

Knowledge of global achievements and practices

In Bulgaria there is a lack of in-depth knowledge on timber constructions as well as university education traditions on design and implementation. Therefore, we learn from our colleagues and partners from Western Europe and America, who have reached perfection in the development of optimized engineering designs with exceptional durability, reliability, aesthetics and low cost.

Precise design of timber constructions

In Bulgaria there are no traditions in construction with wood even though Bulgarian forests abound with suitable construction material, the natural growth of which exceeds several times its consumption. This is a real renewable raw material. Timber in Bulgaria is used very limitedly and unprofessionally in construction, mostly for cheap forms for pouring concrete. There are few suppliers of quality construction timber and professionals who have the experience to work with timber structures at the level of our colleagues from Western Europe and America, where the industry thrived for decades. We at Studio APXE have architectural experience and specialized design engineers who can create models of a modern and sustainable timber construction, applying the most advanced world experience and also with the optimization to minimize the investment costs, reaching levels similar or better than those of a solid reinforced concrete structure.

Quality implementation

For the construction of an innovative project of a timber structure are needed specialized carpenters who know the properties of the timber material, the methods to work with it, with the necessary experience and machinery. Unfortunately, our country does not abound with such, but we are proud to team with the few professionals, with the best of them. We have successfully built one of the most challenging and high-quality timber constructions made in Bulgaria and this by local manufacturers at an affordable price. Starting from the delivery of raw material, trimming, drying, impregnation, passing through precision cutting and incorporation of elements in the construction by the means of modern fasteners we close the circle of professionals with experience and ambition.

Our team is able to implement with impeccable quality your timber construction, regardless of its type, functionality and complexity of the task in a short time and at low cost.