1. We Design High-Quality Project

We get to the core of our client’s task

The assignment of the client is always unique. It is important to get to the core of every piece of detail of the inquiry by means of communication with the client, thus transforming his wishes in the light of our experience.

We analyze the context

We examine all specific distinctive marks of the surroundings: speaking of historical, cultural and architectural location analysis – city, district, surrounding buildings and landscape; we consider the urban planning, keeping firm to all restrictions and urban indexes; we analyze: approaches and automobile access, the existence of service infrastructure; orientation of the building plot and possibilities of volumetric solution; we execute full annual sun survey for the volume of the building – this is obligatory for a passive house project.

We highly value team work

With the participation of a large variety of specialists, which are constantly involved in the work process – from the very beginning of pre-project investigations and design concept, to the finishing of construction.

We design in detail and thoroughness

Going deeper in detail is an obligatory precondition for high-quality construction. We define and specify the project thoroughly without leaving unclear issues for the construction period. This approach requires additional time for designing, but saves time and money within the process of construction, because there is no need for re-designing and implementing twice on site. Our detailed design documentation consists all the drawings in scale 1:50: plans, cross sections, ceiling plans, schemes of waterproofing and air tightness line, installation drawings of claddings and substructure, detailed energy calculations within PHPP, thermal bridge calculations and hundreds of detailed drawings in scale 1:5.

We simulate the energy flows and building physics

Energy efficiency is dynamically simulated via computation tools that precisely balance the energy flows and achieve the most effective external envelope of the building with minimal investment costs.

We prepare budget prognosis within the design process

The project should answer the client’s pocket; the price should be foreseeable from the start of the design. This is achieved by means of: constant analysis of the expenses for all the materials and systems; applying our experience and well-knowing of each building component’s price on the construction market. We make budget prognosis in the beginning of the design which we update and detail after every next step of the design. Within the tendering procedure, this budget frame serves as our main concept in finding and negotiating with the companies.