4. We Control & Approve Construction

We approve finished construction works, by means of quality and quantity

We state possible lapses and defects and control the correction of the work, also informing the investor. We find and implement solutions including detailed drawings for immediate removal of the defects.

We revise the values ​​in presented documents and advance payment claims and their correspondence to the prices in the quotations

We sign and present to the investor our agreement for payment when all requirements are fulfilled.

We correct and coordinate details in the construction process when necessary

We give verbal or written instructions (in the instructions’ book on site) to the execution teams when there are discrepancies in the project which occurred during the construction or when the information given in the project is not enough for the understanding of the executors. We inform the investor for our actions.

We control and command for correction of the materials and systems delivered by the executors, if their quality does not correspond to our requirements

Inspection for approval of different construction works.