High-Quality Building

What do we consider a high-quality building?

High-quality building is a building, which is executed and corresponds fully and in details to a high-quality design – not only by its envelope appearance but also by the depth of its components’ layers. The high-quality building is not possible without a high-quality design for the purpose of its construction.

The execution is precise and diligent.

The materials and systems used correspond steadily to the specified items in the design specifications and have all certificates and papers in proof of the required parameters.

Within the construction process of the high-quality building, all the principles of the best construction practice are kept, for issues concerning technological methods and safety.

Starting and commissioning all of the systems in order to put the building into operation, is done according to all requirements and under the control of the relevant specialists.

As a result, the building is durable and does not require periodic repairs and replacement of components.

The comfort of the building is conscious, both of aesthetic point of view, as well as of the impact on human physiology as a feeling of thermal, light and acoustic comfort, optimal indoor air humidity, lack of drafts, fresh air without unpleasant odours, pollen and bacteria.

Warehouse and administrative building of “K&K Marketing”, Studio APXE