Apxe creates state-of-the-art buildings, paragons in architecture and engineering built with exceptional quality and having unique comfort of habitation.

Our work is founded on eight pillars:

Longevity with natural materials

We build stable and durable structures made of natural and harmless materials.

Harmony with the context

We insert the newly built blending with the context. We create internal and external spaces that flow over each other without a clearly drawn boundary, thus achieving an indissoluble connection with the environment.

Organic architecture

The aesthetics of our creations are sometimes conservative, sometimes ultra-modern, but never alienated and soulless. Such is the result when we do not subdue nature and human sensations for the sake of our ego.

Buildings always outlive the transient fashion in architecture. We learn from those masters who have followed the mission to create the spiritual and organic architecture that ennobles man and the surrounding environment.

Comfort of living

Our buildings are comfortable in all possible aspects – they bring people a sense of light and warmth even in the tiniest spaces. The comfort of habitation is achieved by applying in-depth knowledge of psychology and building physics.

True in depth

Our constructions are beautiful and real during every next step of construction because we think in depth and in detail, not just on the surface that the eye sees in the end.

Cost-effectiveness for the entire life of the building

Our projects are not expensive, but they are of high value. We do not build with low-quality materials! We consider carefully not only the building but also the life of the building, and so we come to the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions.


We believe that craftsmanship in construction is not lost with past generations. We are searching for the most skillful and experienced carpenters, stonemasons, tinsmiths, etc., always asking them “how” and learning from them.

We are builders

We create our buildings as the general stakeholder on the construction site and not as a side observer. We have graduated architecture or engineering, but we call ourselves builders.