2. We Conduct Tenders For Construction

After the design is completed, our customers very often entrust us with the task of preparing the tender for the selection of suppliers and construction contractors.

We set up a construction concept

which gives us the opportunity to build the project accurately, so as to avoid changing and spoiling the initial concept. We set terms and sequence for all construction works in a work-schedule. For this job, we have to be thoroughly aware of the design documentation in detail, in order to propose the appropriate sequence of work.

We prepare tender papers

The design and management teams should be in close connection with each other within the time of preparing the tender papers. This is important for defining the project’s specifications thoroughly, for settling what is exactly needed to be quoted, what the proper class of the products should be – rather low-budget or high-class.

We conduct a tender for delivery companies and executors

We, together with the investor, carefully select the right companies which will quote. The competing companies should be minimum two or three for each construction work. They should be given equal opportunities and should compete with loyalty.

We compare the quotations

We analyze the quotations and compare them line by line. The total price of the quotation is not the only factor for selecting the right company – each quoted component is compared to its analogical item from the other quotations.

We prepare a final budget of the project

We prepare a final budget of the project based on the price levels of bids of selected construction companies, putting together a solid final budget in which no substantial future changes will occur.