What is a passive house?

Passive is a building that covers the following binding standard requirements:

  • Energy for space heating, ventilation and air conditioning no more than 15 [kWh/m2] per year.
  • Total primary energy consumption must not be more than 120 [kWh/m2] per year.
  • Airtightness of the external envelope – With the building de-pressurised to 50 Pa below atmospheric pressure by a blower door, the building must not leak more air than 0.6 times the house volume per hour.

These binding parameters show an extremely low energy need, close to zero, for the whole building. It is even possible a positive energy balance to be reached, that is to say that the building produces more energy than it uses.

This is the construction concept of the future showing extreme energy efficiency levels as well as higher comfort of living.

Scheme: Basic principles of the passive house standard