Superinsulating of the building’s envelope means that the elements of this shell should be mainly composed of thermal insulation.

To achieve the requirements of the passive house standard the U-value (thermal conductivity coefficient) should be not greater than 0.15 W/m2K. In Bulgarian climatic conditions, reaching ​​U-values ​​not greater than 0.11 W/m2K could be often achieved.

Scheme of the eligible U-value (thermal conductivity coefficient) of a building’s envelope

The U-values ​​of the elements of the building’s envelope are balanced to each other and together with all other building components related to its energy consumption should be entered in the overall calculation methodology for the energy model of the building – PHPP.

Insulating the facade walls with mineral wool with applying timber construction with reduction of thermal bridges, Waterhouse, Blagoevgrad

Roof thermal insulation, Waterhouse, Blagoevgrad

Storing mineral wool insulation before its installation

Installation of wool insulation on the roof, Plus-energy house, Kladnica

Model of facade wall with light-weight construction for a passive house with 30 cm glass wool, Smart houses, Studio APXE

Model of facade wall of wood passive house Passive Woodline© Compact, Studio APXE

Superinsulation under the foundation slab, Dental clinic, DUODENT, Macedonia

Superinsulation under the concrete slab, Plus-energy house, Delta Hill, Kladnica