3. We Organize Construction

Our projects are implemented in the most quality- and cost- effective way when we are assigned the full project management of the construction. This happens often, especially when our clients are fully engaged in their own work and on the other hand have no competence in the topic of construction.

We define the contract’s conditions.

Keeping to the initial project and its budget frame is important. That’s why the most appropriate principle, according to us, is the approach of contracting with fixed component prices and fixed total price. This approach guarantees right from the start that the executors are thoroughly familiar with the project details and they mind what they quote. The fixed quotation price makes the budget foreseeable for the client and brings the unpredicted expenses to less than 1 to 2% of the total investment. In the contracts, we carefully define all of the construction terms and periods of payment, the risks for the contractors, penalties and warranty.

We prepare a detailed linear schedule of construction works within good coordination with contractors and suppliers.

After signing the schedule by the client and contractors, it becomes the main document on the construction site, determining the sequence and timing of construction works, ie It is an integral part of construction contracts.

We assist all construction companies in getting to know quickly the situation on site

and in starting coordination with the rest of the executors.

We monitor keeping to the work-schedule

When detecting delays or other diversions from the work-schedule, we alert the investor and propose to all concerned corrective measures in order to retrieve the delay.

We ensure daily routines on site

in such a way that all flows smoothly and not hindered by any means.

We prepare proactively future deliveries of materials and machinery

to fully avoid lethargy or hyper concentration of construction activities on site.

We ensure daily care for cleanliness and orderly arrangement within the construction site.

We demand and succeed in applying good practice and safety of construction.

Either for the workers and neighbors around.

We put efforts for bringing in new standards

for sustainable practices of construction and recycling on site.