Renewable energy sources

As an optional element of meeting the standard’s requirements, passive buildings can implement renewable energy sources.

Passive houses can use on one hand, solar energy to heat domestic hot water through solar collectors, on the other hand photovoltaic systems for electricity production, geothermal energy extracted with heat pumps, wind energy from wind generators and many more. These energy sources reduce the total energy consumption of the building furthermore to zero, also contributing to the building’s “energy independence”.

Three net Zero energy houses Belomorski 3.0, Plovdiv, Studio APXE

The implementation of renewable energy sources should be carefully analyzed in order to achieve maximal economic and technical efficiency.

Photovoltaic system including 50 panels with 12,25 kWp total power, Plus Energy House in Kladnica, Pernik, Studio APXE

Photovoltaic array including 12 panels with 3 kWp total power, Passive house in Lozen, Studio APXE

The passive house standard is the only possible basis for achieving net zero energy balance of a building. Only at this minimal energy demand the total (primary) energy could be generated entirely by renewable energy sources.

Photovoltaic system with storing of the surplus energy in batteries, Plus Energy House in Kladnica

Technical equipment of photovoltaic system, Passive House in Lozen

Pellet burner, Passive house, Lozen

Sun collectors for hot water, Passive House Waterhouse, Blagoevgrad