Single family passive house Michelfelder, Munich

The building plot for the single family house Michelfelder is situated in the quiet and picturesque suburb of Gauting, southwest from Munich, near the river of Wurm.

The plot is bordered on the southeast by the main street and on the northwest – by the river, which separates it from the old town park.

SFH Michelfelder is a passive single-stored house with semi-sunken underground floor. It is designed for a family of two.

The shape of the house is influenced by the highly inclined terrain. The underground floor is sunken on the side of the street and emerges on a big ground terrace on the side of the river. In the yard, between the terrace and the river, we designed a small ecological pond (Schwimmteich).

The ground floor of the house consists of two volumes – the main floor with rooms for primary occupation and the garage on the side of the street. These two volumes are functionally connected with a lobby in between. The residential volume projects over the underground floor, facing the river and the surrounding green yard and on the other hand, avoiding the traffic and the direct view to the street.

The underground floor is designed from monolithic reinforced concrete structure and consists of studio overlooking to the terrace, sauna, bathroom, laundry and technical room.

The construction technology of the ground floor is of light-weight prefabricated wood load-bearing structure and non-load bearing façade and separation walls. The ground floor consists of spacious single-space room with living-room, dining-room and kitchen. On the same level there is a bedroom with bathroom, closet and a terrace projected over the yard.

Mixing the two different types of construction technologies gives the house a unique look.

Both floor levels (the ground and the underground) are part of the heated volume and the energy model of the house, which is calculated in PHPP. The measured values of the energy demand of the house are the following:

  • Specific space heat demand: 14.7 kWh/m2 annually;
  • Primary energy demand: 86 kWh/m2 annually.

The house is in construction.

Sq. Area: 380 m2
Designer: Studio APXE
Design Team: arch. Georgi Nikolov, arch. Boshko Takov
Investor: Michelfelder
Construction: BG House, Schloss, Lochner