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Passive timber frame house

Specific energy demand for space heating and cooling: 14.8 kWh/(m2a), calculated with PHPP;

Total primary energy demand (space heating and cooling together with the use for all appliances and domestic hot water): 95 kWh/(m2a), calculated with PHPP;
Thermal load: 12 W/m2, calculated with PHPP.

Is it possible to build a house in several months entirely with ecological and renewable materials, proven to cover the requirements of the Passive House standard and to cost 1000 EUR per square meter, that is to say the average price of an apartment in a block in Sofia? Is it possible this house to have all  obligatory elements of comfort and the monthly bill for electricity is almost zero? Is it possible for everybody to get such a house? The answer of all these questions is definitely positive.

You can look trough more detailed information and prices for construction by downloading the house’s catalogue.

The aim of the project is to prove that the passive construction is possible in Bulgaria at a reasonable price. The project of Studio APXE in cooperation with BG House offers high quality and living comfort with minimal bills for energy. In Europe the majority of passive houses are prefabricated timber frame houses. In Bulgaria the common concept for such type of building for now is nearly negative but with the passive standard entering into the market its qualities and advantages will emerge.

This is a single family house designed for a family of four. It represents a compact volume with a roof orientation to the North. The house consists of two main floors. On the ground floor are the entrance, the toilet,  the anteroom with a staircase, the dining room and the living room, the kitchenette, the larder, the technical room and the laundry room. In front of the dining room there is a large south terrace on a  separate construction. On the first floor there are three bedrooms (one of them – the master bedroom is with a private bathroom and a private closet), a corridor with a staircase and a second bathroom.

Sq. Area: 198.9 m2
Designer: Studio APXE
Design Team: Arch. Georgi Nikolov, Boshko Takov
Investor: “BG House” Ltd, Bratsigovo
Construction: “BG House” Ltd, Bratsigovo