Warehouse and administrative building of K&K Marketing

The building of K&K Marketing houses a high-tech company offering specialized technical solutions for the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why the design and the construction include in an intelligent manner a number of measures for energy efficiency and protecting the environment.

The building is located on Chelopeshko Shose in the close vicinity of Hemus highway in the area Nova Vrazhdebna – Paprata. It comprises of two main volumes: warehouse in a single-story volume in the southwestern part of the plot and administrative part in a three-story volume with partial terraced floor on the northeast.

One of the first passive architectural measures is the orientation of the basic volumes in the plot, following grouping of the functionally different premises inside the building. The administrative building is located in such a way that the offices are facing to the north thus avoiding overheating. In such a building dealing with the heat in the summer is more important than dealing with the winter conditions. The directly sunlit short facades of the administrative building are supplied with adaptable motor-driven external solar shading.

The design solution is with a clear central axis due to the requirements of the two investor companies concerning uniformity of the two halves of the building both in terms of volumes and as a functional solution.

The three-story administrative part of the building is designed with offices towards the facades, also with service premises and staircases towards the southwestern part. The fourth terraced floor is designed as a technical floor equipped with machines.

The warehouse of the building is located on a single story. There are a number of storage premises for specialized machines and supplies. The storage premises are designed as open spaces with clear height from 5 to 5.5 m. The natural lighting is only from the roof.

The project includes a number of measures for energy efficiency and sustainable architecture:

  • Thicker and better quality thermal insulation, exceeding approximately twice the standards in Bulgaria. The façade panels of the warehouse are twice thicker than the commonly distributed panels in Bulgaria;
  • Argon-filled glazing of the windows. Our studies proved that this technology is rarely done in Bulgaria. Moreover, it is often faked and not implemented in reality. Filling with argon significantly improves the heat transfer parameters of the glazing (U = 1.1 W/m2K);
  • Triple glazing with extremely good parameters of heat transfer in the area where employees work next to windows i.e. on the ground floor of the north (U = 0.6 W/m2K);
  • Triple glazed domes of the storage area – also completely exotic for industrial buildings in Bulgaria;
  • Heating with high efficient condensing gas boilers;
  • Energy efficient lighting;
  • Water management system with water recycling (also very rarely done in Bulgaria);
  • Utilization of rain water for irrigation of outdoor greenery and cleaning of external areas.

In order to achieve the above measures, only high performance materials and high-end systems were implemented during the construction. Meanwhile the design of the building is marked by functionality, simplicity and stylish aesthetics.

The investors initially did not have any environmental requirements. The interesting fact is that in this case all the measures in favor of future financial gains, return of investment and efficiency were also fully in favor of sustainable architecture.

During the construction the investors kept on agreeing with all the good ideas in favor of sustainable development, which were immediately implemented in the building.

With its natural appearance the building is a memorable milestone in the newly emerging industrial and administrative region.

The building is in operation since the end of 2009.

Sq. Area: 2795 м2
Designer: Studio APXE Ltd.
Design Team: arch. Georgi Nikolov, Boshko Takov, arch. Pavel Popov
Investor: K&K Marketing Ltd. and Advanced Technologies and Machines Ltd.
Construction: TeamCo Build Ltd. with subcontractors: Trimo Bulgaria Ltd., Preciz Al Ltd., Comfort SL Ltd.