Passive House in Zmeyovo

One of our recent designs will be built in the village of Zmeyovo, city of Stara Zagora. In a clean and tidy place, with a great view, sunlight and pleasant neighbors. The terrain is very steep, which is a challenge for the design and implementation of the construction.

The house has two floors, with no basement. It has a living room, kitchen and dining room, office, hobby room, four bedrooms, garages for 4 cars, technical and storage rooms.

A retaining wall was built at ground level, which controls the large terrain inclination, aligns the level of the foundations and creates conditions for massive thermal insulation under the foundation slab.

The silhouette of the site is characterized by the volume of the second floor, which cantilevers for the span of 4 meters. Like any passive house, this one also relies on large-format glazing on the sunny side, which creates the conditions for a breathtaking view from all rooms to the surrounding green hills.

In summer, the climate in the area is hot and full exterior sun protection is provided with centrally controlled aluminum blinds. Given the high insulation of the passive house, solar protection almost completely solves the problem of summer overheating over the comfortable temperatures of the interior. However, for this climate, it is not completely sufficient, and therefore, only for the hottest days of the year, the site has heat pump cooling of the rooms with room convectors. Provided are ventilation with heat recovery and solar collectors for hot water.

The electrical system will be partially powered by a powerful photovoltaic plant located on the entire roof. Building automation will be implemented, the so-called “Smart Home” system covering the entire electrical system.

From April 2023, the site is under construction. In 2023, the rough construction stage is planned, after which the installation of facade glazing and insulation will begin.


Area: 435 м2
Designer: Studio Apxe, Georgi Nikolov architect
Investor: Private