Passive House in Ivaniane

The team of Studio ARHE has the pleasure of currently working on the design for a single-family passive house with high requirements in the Ivanyane district of Bankya, Sofia. The plot is located in the outskirts of the newly developing area of Ivanyane, from where the wide fields around the settlement begin. That’s why the view is fantastic. The object is composed of two main building volumes – the heated part of the house and separately the garage and the summer area with the veranda. The loadbearing structure is hybrid and is composed of a reinforced concrete skeleton, which is covered and enveloped by high-tech and in places prominent wooden structures. Exposed concrete and ventilated fiber cement board and titanium zinc sheet cladding will be used on the exterior. The residential building will be founded on thermal insulation, and the thicknesses of the insulation layers on the facades and the roof will be at the level of a passive house. Large-format window systems and suspended facades with double-glazed panes and full external sun protection are planned. The building will have heat pump heating/cooling, a ventilation system with recuperator, a photovoltaic system with batteries and a complete water management system with its own water source. In designing, we focus on the highest comfort, simple and effective technical solutions with high quality and durability, uncompromising aesthetics and functionality.