Passive House in Bankya

Studio APXE is in charge of design and project management of a single-family passive house in Bankya, city of Sofia, with a highly optimized execution budget.

The house is located in the Beli Breg district, on a flat terrain. The building has 2 floors, no basement. Comprises of a spacious living room with dining room and kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, technical and service rooms and a garage for 2 cars.

The construction of the building is hybrid – a traditional vertical load-bearing structure made of reinforced concrete and a prominent wooden roof with a double structure with a large thickness of thermal insulation in between.

The outer shell is composed of a thin brick wall and a massive EPS insulation. The roof has dark gray flat tiles, which are well balanced with the anthracite sheet metal cladding on the sides. The veranda is an extension of the living room to the yard and is covered with wooden decking. In the summer, the veranda is shaded by motorized awnings on a free-standing steel structure, which is thermally separated from the building with no thermal bridges. In winter, the shades are retracted into a box, thereby allowing sunlight into the living room to achieve high comfort and solar energy gains.

The house is fed by an own water source with a filtration installation, which is the only source of drinking water.

The house was successfully completed, successfully Blower door n50 tested and accepted by the client for operation.

Area: 380 м2
Designer: Studio АРХЕ
Design Team: Arch. Georgi Nikolov
Investor: Private