“10th Southeast Europe Economic Forum”

“10th Southeast Europe Economic Forum”

Arch. Georgi Nikolov was one of the lecturers in discussion panel 5 of the 10th Southeast Europe Economic Forum – “Low-energy Buildings and Green Construction”. Arch. Nikolov’s presentation was “Low-energy and passive buildings”. The forum was held on 5th and 6th November in the building of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia and the lecturers were as follows:

1. Dobrin Oreshkov – Deputy Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Agency
2. eng. Georgi Konstantinov – Projects Manager, Winslow Developments
3. arch. Georgi Nikolov – Studio APXE Ltd manager
4. Ekim Boychinov – Rehau
5. Landscape arch. Tsenka Kuneva – Association of the Landscape Architects
6. eng. Orlin Iliev – Director, Esha Bulgaria

There was a wide interest to the green panel from journalists and also from architects and investors. There was a discussion born by the main message sent to the audience by the lecturers. The green panel was organized by Ivo Paskalev – project manager of „BalREc”.

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06.11.2008 “10th Southeast Europe Economic Forum”