Dental center Duodent, passive building in Strumica, Macedonia

Dental Center DUODENT, a passivhaus standard building

The Dental Center Duodent, located in an urban environment, will be the Balkans’ first ecological medical building with close to net zero consumption.

The project for a new dental clinic in Strumica, Macedonia, designed in a building with a residential part, was a challenge for us. This is our first project for a passive house with mixed functions – public and residential.

We had an interesting requirement by our client for a green recreation yard for the residential part of the building, which we wanted to fulfill in the best way, but without complicating the functioning of the clinic. That’s why we designed this green space on the roof of the house, so as to ensure the necessary space for tranquility.

The house is connected to the roof “yard” via an atrium, which enlightens the core of the house. The sun rays reach the main lobby, the children’s bedroom and the corridor which links all the premises.

The shape of the building is inspired by the modern urban design. The staircase to the second level is used as a forming element which differentiates the two functional building types but at the same time, the house is still perceived as one.

The dental clinic, located on the ground floor, consists of six separate dental cabinets, lobby with place for kids, consulting room, personal room and different technology premises.

There is a green children playground in front of the main entrance of the clinic.

The residential volume above the clinic settles a spacious living room, kitchen and dining room with a big terrace, guest room, children’s bedroom, master bedroom with separate bath and closet, sauna, laundry and storage room. There is a south-oriented room for meditation and fitness just before reaching the green roof.

The two different functional building types – public and residential, meet different passive house requirements. That’s why it was necessary to calculate two different energy models for each of them.

The calculated results with PHPP for the dental clinic are the following:

  • Specific space heat demand: 10 kWh/m2 annually;
  • Primary energy demand: 120 kWh/m2 annually,
and for the residential part of the building:
  • Specific space heat demand: 9 kWh/m2 annually;
  • Primary energy demand: 59 kWh/m2 annually.

The construction works has started in June 2012.

Sq. Area: 450 m2
Designer: Studio APXE Ltd.
Design Team: architects: Georgi Nikolov, B. Takov, S. Draganova, N. Stoichev
Investor: Dental center Duodent
Construction: Zikol Ltd