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Passive house windows 

The windows of the building are the components of the outer shell with the worst thermal qualities.

Frames for windows and curtain walls with triple glazing, optimized for passive houses and certified from Passivhaus Institut (PHI)

The main goal is to design as many windows along the south facade as possible in order to have largest solar gains, but in equilibrium with losses reported by heat transfer through the glazing. That is why special attention needs to be paid to the choice of window systems.

Certificate for passive house window frame from Passivhaus Institut, Darmstadt (PHI)
Requirements for window systems:
  • Applying high quality triple-glazed windows;

  • Overall U-value for the whole window should not exceed 0.8 W/m2K;

  • G-value of the two-chamber (triple) glazing should preferably be about 50% or above.

Plus-energy house in Kladnica, Studio APXE
Curtain wall glazing, Plus-energy house, Delta Hill, Kladnica, Studio APXE
South windows woth  external sun shading, Passive house, Lozen, Studio APXE
Passive house windows, Munich, Studio APXE
South windows of a passive house
Windows on the south, Passive house, Lozen, Studio APXE
Windows on the south, Passive house, Lozen, Studio APXE
Wood frame window for passive house in Lozen
Passive house front door frame
Sealing a passive house window before installation, Water house, Blagoevgrad
Wood window frames with triple glazing, Single family house Michelfelder, Munich