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Controlled ventilation and heat recovery 

The passive house standard can't be achieved without a controlled mechanical ventilation system of the premises. It is important because when you open the windows for fresh air during the cold winter or hot summer, huge losses of energy are measured. That is the reason why during these seasons The ventilation system supplies fresh air to all rooms and takes the exhaust air from the service premises.

Principle scheme of a passive house ventilation system


Scheme: Controlled ventilation system of passive house Water house, Blagoevgrad
Heat exchanger with 86% heat recovery, Plus-energy house in Kladnica
Ventilation ducts from the ventilation system of Plus-energy house, Kladnica
Ventilation ducts with silencers as part of the ventilation system of the building
Ventilation grille for supply air in the premises
Air transfer grille embedded in a door necessary for providing proper air exchange
Conducting commissioning of ventilation system
Precise adjustment of each ventilation grille's air-exchange during the commissioning
Heat exchanger’s filters replacement
Heat exchanger’s filters replacement