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We create organic architecture but we’re not bio-extremists.

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  Studio APXE members in the NGO IG Passive house Bulgaria - Information group for promoting the Passivhaus standard in Bulgaria.
  Studio APXE designs and calculates passive houses via the calculation tool and methodics PHPP, by Passivhaus Institut - Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Darmstadt, Germany.
  Studio APXE partners with BRE in relation with the design and assement method for sustainable buildings BREEAM.
  Studio APXE partners and supports – the first Bulgarian ecological lifestyle media.
  Stuido APXE partners with Hexagon Build regarding Blower door tests, infrared thermography, HVAC systems monitoring, Home  Inspection, Mold Inspection. Hexagon Build is certified to perform energy audit and thermographic analyses of buildings.

Studio APXE partners with Uvix Impregnation EOOD in reference to the implementation of quality treatment of constructive and decorative timber in its buildings. Uvix Impregnation is a company which specializes in timber impregnation via vacuum-pressure timber treatment technologies and implementing quality wood preservatives and finishes.