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First Passive House in Bulgaria published in Passive House Database 

05.07.2013, Gebaute Passivhaus Projekte

The first presented in the international Passive House Database building in Bulgaria is even Plus-energy house.

The building, located in the residential area of Delta Hill, near the village of Kladnica is part of Studio APXE's work being the author of the design and project manager of the construction. The project, which will be completed in a few months, not only meets the passive house standard, but also produces more energy than its household consumes. This is the result of installed photovoltaic system that will provide the necessary energy that the building consumes, and the surplus will be sold to the electricity company.

Earlier this year, the building successfully passed the obligatory for the Passive House standard Blower door test.

Passive House Database is an international database for built or under construction buildings which meet the passive house standard. Passive House Database is a project by Passivhaus Institut - Darmstadt, Passivhaus Dienstleistung, IG Passive House Germany and iPHA (International Passive House Association).