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Investments in deeply detailed design always pay back during construction.

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About Us 

APXE creates unique buildings, paragons in architecture and engineering, built with exceptional quality, proven Passivhaus and with unique comfort of living.

Architectural studio APXE has been established in may 2007 by arch. Georgi Nikolov with main activity in the field of architectural design.

The main goal and pursuit of the studio is to achieve sustainable development and energy efficiency leading to new comfort and aesthetics of habitation, contemporary and untraditional aspect of the designed buildings, in harmony with nature and its conservation.

Within more than 7 years on the market, our studio has won recognition as a pioneer in our country in the field of implementing the passive house standard with a series of projects, in the beginning with one-family houses, as well as with large-scale and non-residential buildings.

Advantages, which distinguish APXE from the other architectural studios, are concentrated mainly in three directions:

  • Quality and detailed design for passive houses and net zero-energy buildings;

  • Construction management;

  • Full engineering for the construction of passive house projects;

  • Predictability and optimization of the construction budget;

  • Design and overall implementation of timber construction.


The studio offers deep detailed research of the project works in making pre-design and survey analysis in order to attain highest investment efficiency of the building initiative. Our architectural design offers high quality professional approach and completeness to the smallest detail. Thus we provide an exceptional and unique product, with high technologies and innovative solutions, covering the standards of passive, net zero- and plus- energy buildings, leading to dissemination of the ecological and harmonious contemporary architecture. With the delivery of the design documentation, the studio performs supervision during the implementation phase of the project to the end of execution.

We are convinced that the holistic approach in the design process leads to highest quality results. For this reason, the studio includes in the process the whole team of specialists right from the start of the design and continues with this interdisciplinary working model until the end of the building execution. The engineers for all services of the building have proven high professional qualification and experience, also sharing the idea for attaining nature conformity and sustainability in the building process.

Georgi Nikolov is the first Bulgarian architect - Certified European Passivhaus Designer by Passivhaus Institut - Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Darmstadt, Germany.



Construction management

The studio offers project management up until obtaining permission for use of the building. Thus, our team assumes all principal organizational functions during implementation: elaborates detailed work-schedule of the construction on site and controls its observance, assures tendering and choosing of construction companies together with the investor, coordinates the executors’ work, executes daily supervision on site and bears responsibility till the end of the implementation phase. Our experience shows that, for achieving high-quality results in implementing a project into construction, every project should have a strong leader. In its work, APXE has proven to be a good project manager and construction organizer.

Full engineering for the construction of passive house projects

The studio offers a complete service of design, management and construction of Passivhaus standard projects, as a sole contractor with the client. With the accumulation of years of experience in the design and management of construction, APXE became the best partner for successful realization of buildings, with the highest quality of construction, on time and with predictable fixed price.

Predictability and optimization of the construction budget

Each investor in the field of construction should have the opportunity to plan the building’s budget steadily and to control it strictly during the construction process – from the first steps of the design process till the successful execution. In this process, we could apply our abundant experience and know-how about price levels on the market. Due to the experience gained as a project manager of a series of built objects, APXE could design and budget at the same time, thus corresponding precisely to the client’s task, also not exceeding the desired total investment costs of the project. Optimization of the construction costs, without making compromises with quality, is the premise which leads to a successful execution without contingent expenses.

Design and overall implementation of timber construction

Timber structure means precision, ecology, high quality and low price. These qualities are guaranteed provided that wooden structures are professionally designed and executed with impeccable quality.

With the successful completion over the recent years of series of projects with significantly higher requirements to the timber structure, we have gained knowledge and experience that few of our competitors can provide in this area. Construction with solid and engineered wood products require good knowledge of the global achievements and practices, design thoroughness and precision and last but not least quality implementation. We can provide these important prerequisites to join them in delivering complete engineering in modern timber architecture.