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Multy-family residential building, passivhaus standard 

Studio APXE is partnering with a major investment company in residential construction on a feasibility study for the design and implementation of multi-family residential buildings built upon the Passivhaus standard, like the examples built during the recent years in Vienna, Frankfurt and Heidelberg.
The studies include town planning development and solar research, calculations of investment costs and their profitability, as well as various options for the scheme of building services. Technology is fully available and affordable in Bulgaria for the reach of high-class Bulgarian builders. At the same time the experience gained from the application of high-quality window systems and ventilation systems at the passive house level is essential, both among the team of APXE and among our partnering installer companies.

At present findings indicate that the construction of multifamily passive houses is equally profitable and challenging as this is valid in the construction of private houses or low-rise residential complexes, which we have already gained enough experience and lessons learned.
It is essential that the tendency now is for a significantly increased interest in high-quality apartments in multifamily buildings, built upon higher standards, requirements and technologies. Currently, the supply of such in Bulgaria almost does not exist. For prices considerably exceeding the average user can find on the Bulgarian market supply of low-quality construction properties only, even in top locations.

More information will be coming soon.